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Columbine Flyfishers is all about serving people with a spirit of hospitality that is second to none and the best adventure or education possible. If we have not served our guests with our best, then we haven't done our job very well. Our goal is to take an ordinary recreational activity, and make it a re-creational experience. All of our guides are skilled professionals trained and educated in the art of serving our guests through their skills as flyfisherman and hosts. They all look forward to the opportunity to share the best fly-fishing experience possible. This experience, we feel is not just in the catching of fish, but in living our lives to the fullest in the moments we have to share. Those moments are found in a wonderful experience on the water absorbing the serenity and awe inspiring enviornment in which our trout live. Just the opportunity to share these beautiful and peaceful surroundings is a special thrill for us. We want our guests to capture those moments in their mind and on photos. When the strike comes and that trout is fooled into taking the fly, it will be etched into memories for a lifetime. Just the exhilerating feeling of the tug on the line as the rod bends with every jerk of the trout's head will erase the stresses of life. Taking time out to sit on the bank and soak in the wonder and the majesty of the creation is an opportunity we don't want to miss. Let us share these moments with you as our guest. It dosen't matter what skill level you have attained or what physical limitations you have, we want to share our passion with you.      [mw]

 Mike Willis

owner of

Columbine Flyfishers



"Recreation has been a professional part of my life for forty years. I served in the armed forces as a recreation specialist with the Air Force and also as a recreation director for the military programs division with the Civil Service. I served as a Recreation Director for the US Air Force Academy and as a Director of Recreation for Air Force Space Command. I have been a guide for several guest ranches in Wyoming and then opened my guide service offering a well diversified program of fly fishing adventures.


Recognizing the need for professional training in this career field and having an education and recreation background, I then opened the Columbine Outfitter/Guide School (COGS) providing a well balanced program of education for experienced  and prospective guides. COGS is approved and regulated by the Colorado Dept of Higher Education providing an articulated curriculum that is applicable toward a degreed program with a State College. Our Guide School is endorsed by some very well known and presigious companies and name in the fly fishing industry.


One of my more interesting endeavors was hosting a radio talk show "The Front Range Fly-fishing Show" each week for two years in Colorado Springs, and having been featured on TV programs.  


My love for fly-fishing started at an early age. While still a youngster, I started experimenting with my limited arsenal of fishing gear. Even though I had no fly-fishing equipment, my fishing was only limited by my imagination. Even as an ill equipped youngster I have always been able to catch fish, most of the time to the bewilderment of the expert fly-fishers on the stream. Over the years however, my skills and equipment have improved and have been refined to reflect my passion for the sport. Accumulatively, my fishing experience numbers about fifty years.

I was very fortunate to be able to draw on the solitude and serenity of this activity during a low point in my life and survived because of it. Since that time I can say that when I fly-fish it is always "from my heart".

          As a professional recreator sharing the pleasures of recreational activities has made it a natural for me to share my talent, experience, and passion of fly-fishing with others. Deciding to make this favorite pastime a business, stems from my desire to share with others the re-creational experiences that are inharent with this sport. I have earned degrees in Recreation and Education and coupled with my experience working on guest ranches and managing recreational programs over the years has helped me prepare for the opportunity to operate this kind of business and share with friends and students alike.

          "Having fished many types of freshwater, I  consider myself an expert on creeks and small streams. The intimacy of a small stream is a refreshing experience that can flow through the senses, allowing the inner self to reach out and touch the untouchable boundaries of the mind; thus, renewing, refreshing, and ultimately re-creating the spirit and even the soul if possible. So, come with me and I will show you how to 'fly-fish from the heart'."


Professional Organization
  • TL Johnson Rod Company
  • Fly Stream Fly Fishing Products
  • Hyde Drift Boat Company
  • Trout Unlimited 
  • Professional Christian Recreators
  • Colorado Outfitters Association
  • Hyde Pro Team Outfitter
  • St Croix Pro Staff
  • North American Fishing Club (Life)                  

 Fishing Related Experience


  • Southwest Baptist University
  • Sweetwater Guide School


  • Kedesh Guest Ranch
  • Paradise Guest Ranch
  • Pine Crest Lodge
  • Columbine Flyfishers
  • Pikes Peak Community College
  • Air Force Academy
  • Columbine Vocational Guide School

Columbine Flyfishers
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